The cane corso is a breed of dog from Italy. These are said to be excellent companions, guardians, and hunters, so that is why they make great family pets. Before you look for cane corso breeders, here is a background on the dog breed.

Cane corso, also known as Italian Mastiff, is a type of Italian molosser. The breed’s distinguishing feature is the Corso head, which has a muzzle of the same length and width and small triangular ears that droop forward. The tail of the cane corso is usually docked at the fourth vertebra but this practice is frowned upon by animal rights activists. The cane corso is available in two colors: fawn or black, but the breed can also have white patches on its chest, toes and chin. The cane corso is a rather large dog, and it is suspicious of strangers and is generally aloof to other people so they might find the dog scary and intimidating. However, cane corsos form close attachment to their owners. They are easy to train and are willing to please. They must be properly trained and socialized so as not to end up with an unruly dog. Unless taught otherwise, they might go after small animals because of their nature as a hunter.

You should get your cane corso from reputable cane corso breeders instead of those in the pet shop. This way, you are sure to get a good quality dog. Reputable cane corso breeders are usually members of breed organizations or kennel clubs. You can also ask veterinarians, pet groomers and obedience training schools if they know of responsible cane corso breeders. Here are some of their qualities and what you should look for:

  • They do not breed dogs for profit and do not see dog breeding as a business. Responsible breeders do breeding for the betterment of the dog and because they love to do it.
  • They take good care of the mother and the puppies. They spend good money on medical testing, extra food and supplements, birthing and whelping supplies, shots and vaccines, and dog registrations. These breeders should be present at the birth of the puppies.
  • They have strict criteria for potential buyers. They screen the potential buyer to ensure that the puppy will be well-taken care of. If they are not satisfied with the potential buyer, they will not sell the puppy.
  • They help out the buyers of the puppy if they encounter problems. They should be able to recommend a good veterinarian and a good dog school for the new owner. If the new owner is unable to take care of the dog, the breeder will take the dog back and often care for it instead.