Dogs, especially household pets, bring additional joy and life. They make great protectors, playmates, and companions. Among the breed of dogs that make a great pet, the Cane Corso is one of the best one to train and take care of. As much as the Cane Corso takes care of you, you must also give the proper Cane Corso care.

The Cane Corso is known to be an active and courageous breed of dog. This dog makes a great guardian of both properties and humans. The temperament of the Cane Corso is also stable so it is easy to train and highly dependable. Contrary to most peoples beliefs, the Cane Corso really is brave and fearless but they only become overly aggressive when they are provoked. Generally, the Cane Corso makes a great pet that you will love to care for.

In giving the proper Cane Corso care, you must remember a few things.

  • Diet – With a wide range of dog foods readily available in the shelves of pet stores and grocery stores, it would be likely for you to get confused. What you need to take note of is the chemicals contained and the nutritional value of the dog food. There should be no harmful chemicals such as Butylated Hydroxysanisole, Sorbitol, Ethoxyquin, Phosphoric Acid, or Propylene Glycol. These chemicals are proven to be harmful to your dogs health. Choose ones that are high in protein or meat. With this, it is best to make homemade food for your Cane Corso. Just make sure that the necessary nutrients are included. You can ask your veterinarian for diet and food tips for guaranteed quality food. In feeding your Cane Corso, you should also take into consideration its activity level and age. This way, you can find out the amount and type of food that you need to give.
  • Exercise – The Cane Corso is very active so it naturally needs a lot of exercise. Engage your pet in various physical activities. You can simply take your Cane Corso to the park. This is also a good way to train your pet to become more social.
  • Grooming – This breed of dog is very easy to groom. Since they are light shedders, they do not need high levels of maintenance. You need to brush their coat weekly with a bristled brush. Washing them is also quite easy. Use mild and specialized shampoo and cleaner. Be mindful of their wrinkles so you can really clean them well from top to toe. It would also be nice to treat your pet to a day at a dog spa or a professional groomer. This is to ensure the right type of grooming is done.
  • Health – To keep your Cane Corso strong and healthy, always visit the veterinarian. Regular checkups will help you and your pet know the necessary things you need to do.
  • Social – To manage and train your Cane Corsos temperament, expose him or her to a place with different people and other dogs. This is to make your pet more familiar and not be overly aggressive and protective.

The proper Cane Corso care is topped off with lots of love from you, as the owner. Keep in mind your pets needs and wants. Your favorite protector, friend, and companion deserve only the best Cane Corso care.