Cane Corso dogs resemble the mastiff in several ways. This breed has a medium built, with a very broad, square head and deep muzzle. One cannot help but notice the Cane Corso because of its majestic and muscular body. The front is distinctly broader than the back. If you are attracted to its regal stance, you will be taken away by the way its move very elegant. This athletic dog makes a good pet because despite its size, it has a reputation of being a lovable giant. Should you decide to keep a Cane Corso, study the basic tenets of Cane Corso dog training to raise the best Cane Corso possible.

You must learn the temperament of this breed before you begin the Cane Corso dog training. Like the typical large dog, the Cane Corso can be very strong-willed and dominant. It also enjoys being the leader of the pack so it is a must for every owner to establish dominance over the dog to avoid behavior problems. Don’t be tempted to spoil the Cane Corso. They are very willing to please but at times, they like to test their boundaries too. Foster a nurturing but structured environment while the dog is still young. Show firmness when the Cane Corso growls at guests or bites, even if it is playful biting. Exhibit confidence when dealing with the Cane Corso to assert authority.

Every Cane Corso dog training starts with potty training. Keep your expectations realistic because a young Cane Corso is bound to commit mistakes every now and then. The best way towards a successful potty training is to establish a very regular routine. As soon as the dog wakes up, take the dog to the designated potty place. Until the dog has been fully potty trained, regulate the meals. Feed at designated times and places only. Even snacks should be controlled. After every food or water consumption, take it to the potty place. Dogs have the urge to excrete after play or exercise so take the dog to the potty place as well. The dog should also go to the potty place prior to bedtime.

As for Cane Corso dog training on obedience skills, positive reinforcement will never go out of style. Cane Corsos love to please so show appreciation every time the dog follows an order. Never hit or shout at the dog because this will either make it aggressive or reserved. Training variables, from time to place, should remain constant until all the tricks are mastered. Steer away from things that stimulate its senses too much, like treats. Only give the treats when the trick is executed accordingly.