When it comes to companion animals, dogs have been living side by side with humans for almost thousands of years. Although dogs get along well with almost anybody, they have different attitudes that can vary from one breed to another. The major classification of dogs usually falls into the following categories: sporting, working, toy, herding, terrier, and hound.

Most dog owners are not aware that the temperament of their pet dog is largely influenced with what breed and classification it belongs to. This could result in problems because the owner might realize it too late that the attitude of the dog does not go well as they had in mind. Understanding the common traits of specific dog breeds can have will help avoid such conflicts.

If you are looking for a big working dog breed, then you might want to consider Cane Corso puppies. This breed originated from Italy and is popularly used for hunting wild boars. The dog looks similar to a mastiff with its muscled and athletic built. It has a thick but coarse coat with colors ranging from gray, black, fawn, or brindle.

Dog owners must keep in mind that just like any dog breed, good leadership skills are essential. Cane Corso puppies look up to someone who is capable of leading the pack, else their strong willed nature will take over. The first time you bring the puppies in your home, make sure to establish clear rules. These breed is highly intelligent so making them understand what is acceptable or not in the earliest possible time can help avoid attitude problems.   

Cane Corso puppies can bond easily with their owners especially kids because they are affectionate even for their size. However, you should keep in mind that your Cane Corso puppies must be trained to have some time alone. At this early stage, they can gain some confidence even when they are not around with their owners. Giving too much affection to the point that you let your dog sit in your lap for hours can make them think that they can get away with anything they want to do. Avoid doing this; otherwise, you might end up with a big dog that runs the house.

Grooming is not a problem for Cane Corso puppies because they tend to shed lightly. Make bath time a positive experience by rewarding your dog with treats and using gentle but firm commands when washing them.

Cane Corso owners must provide their pets with adequate exercise of about 90 minutes per day because this breed has a robust and athletic body designed for speed and agility. Playing with your dog can also be a time for bonding and socialization.

This breed can be intimidating because of its size but is often quiet when indoors. Other characteristics that potential Cane Corso owners have to be aware of are loud snoring, drooling, rowdiness especially among puppies, and aggression to animals.

With adequate training and good leadership skills, a Cane Corso can be an adorable pet that will stay loyal to its owners.