Humans have found many uses for dogs. There are dogs that may be used for herding, hunting, watching over properties, and transporting goods. Another use of dogs that have caught a lot of attention is for rescuing disaster or accident survivors. This is not surprising since dogs have keen senses. Their sense of smell and hearing is many times stronger than that of humans. There are even stories of pet dogs who can perceive the emotions of their owners. Because of this, people have a high regard for rescue dogs.

However, there are instances when instead of being the ones who do the rescuing, these dogs end up in need of rescue. Every year, there are hundreds of dogs who end up in shelters due to different reasons. Breeds like Cane Corsos are rescued by organizations from owners who were not responsible enough to look after the needs of their dogs. These dogs may suffer maltreatment from their previous owners, causing not only physical wounds but also those that are emotional in nature.

Cane Corso rescue organizations are established mostly by private individuals who want to provide a safer home for this breed. It provides shelter and rehabilitation of rescued Cane Corsos who have suffered abuse in the past. Aside from that, Cane Corso rescue organizations look for a suitable family that will take in these dogs and give them a second chance to live a happy life.

Rehabilitating Cane Corsos is a process that takes a lot of time and patience. Sometimes, emotional wounds take longer to heal because it may still be fresh in one’s memory. This is also true for dogs that were neglected by their owners. Fortunately, there are volunteers for Cane Corso rescue organizations who are dedicated to doing the job. These people do their best to regain the trust of dogs who have suffered emotional trauma.

When the time comes for rescued Cane Corsos to be ready for adoption, families can come into the Cane Corso rescue shelter to find one that suits their preference. These families often undergo background verification and interviews to assess if they are ready to own a dog and provide for its needs. Giving these dogs a chance to experience the love and care from responsible owners will help them regain confidence in their selves. In this way, these dogs can enjoy a positive experience and become a loyal companion to their new owners.