The cane corso is a breed of Italian dog popular for being one of the best guard dogs among all dog breeds. They are also popular for their seemingly regal appearance, their intelligence, and their unfaltering passion to protect their family. Originally bred to be a boar hunter and a property guardian, these mastiffs have been featured in a number of Italian literature and art. Today, cane corsos are gaining popularity with dog owners all over the world.

Cane corso training can be very challenging because of the dogs persistent and protective nature, but will lots of patience in socialization, training, and exercise, the cane corso can be a reliable and friendly companion that can serve as a very effective watchdog for you and your family. Heres everything you need to know about cane corso training.

Tip #1: Socializing

One of the best ways to train your dog how to socialize is to enroll him in obedience classes. Obedience classes provide a stimulating and safe setting for your dogs to learn and socialize with people and other dogs. They will also help your dog determine that your are the leader of the pack and therefore, should listen to your commands. You can also trying inviting a friend with non-aggressive dogs to come into your house. You should then reward your dog for his positive behaviors, such as when he greets in a friendly way or if he plays without roughhousing.

Never take cane corso with you to dog parks until you are fully certain that he can interact with other people and dogs in a safe way. It will take about a month for your dog to get used to strangers, so be patient.

Tip #2: Assuming a Leader Position

One of the best ways you can assume leadership in you and your dogs relationship is by taking your cane corso on walks. When walking your dog, walk at a steady pace with your behind or next to you. If your dog pushes ahead, stop movement and direct your dog towards the correct position. Don’t move unless your dog stops moving as well. Once the dog stops moving, start walking, once again, with a steady pace. Avoid playing games that require dominance, such as tug-o-war during the first few months of owning your cane corso. To deny playing this game means that your leadership is already determined.

Tip #3: Reward and Correction

When training a cane corso, use positive reinforcement to praise him. Cane corsos are naturally intelligent and will show a strong desire to please their owners. Training should be easy if you use positive encouragement. Correct negative behaviors by employing nonviolent leadership. For example, if your dog jumps towards you, don’t back away. Move forward into its space. Never resort to violent corrections. Cane corsos are a guardian breed that is nonviolent, but when it perceives a threat, it will not hesitate to protect its owner. Employing violent corrections will let your cane corse perceive you as a threat, making training considerably difficult.