A dog is the ideal family pet and loyal companion, and if you favor big dogs, maybe a cane corso is for you. Cane corso, also known as Italian mastiff, is a breed of dog originating from Italy. Its distinguishing features include the Corso head (the muzzle has same length and width and forward-dropping ears), a moderately tight skin, and hanging lip at the bottom of the jaw line. Cane Corso are highly valued as pets because of their obedience and loyalty. Cane Corsos are highly suspicious of strangers so proper socialization is crucial. Cane Corsos are usually indifferent when approached unless they are threatened. Training a Cane Corso is easy because of the breed’s willingness to please.

Training a Cane Corso should start when the dog is still a puppy. When training a Cane Corso, the owner should establish himself or herself as an alpha or leader of the pack. This way, the dog will trust and respect you and will obey your commands. Also, establishing yourself as the alpha establishes the pecking order and where your dog is in that pecking order. You should set your dog’s daily routines early on so that your dog will get used to things. Repetition of the daily routine is a must or else the dog will get confused and will lead to problems in behavior.

Included in training a Cane Corso is proper socialization. A Cane Corso puppy should get used to being held by you and other members of your family. The puppy should be exposed to as many things possible, including neighbors, strangers and other animals. It is recommended that you take your Cane Corso for car rides from time to time. Remember that the Cane Corso has a dominant personality so if your dog is properly socialized, he or she will not be aggressive and attack other people’s pets and animals. Also, keep in mind that it is okay for the Cane Corso to be aloof towards strangers because it is a characteristic of their breed.

If you have the resources, you can send your Cane Corso to a dog school. Basic obedience training should start while a Cane Corso is still a puppy. You can continue obedience training at home, as long as you have established yourself as the pack master.

A properly trained Cane Corso makes for a great pet and is a wonderful addition to the family.